自然そのままの微妙なニュアンスや、 不規則で個性的な形。 完璧な形でもなく、純粋な美しさでもない。 一見、半端者のような粒たちも、 ひとつひとつの粒たちと対話をしながら自然の形を大切に組み上げれば、 他には一つとして同じものはない個性のあるデザインに。 多様性がうたわれるこの時代を意識したジュエリーです。 本製品は、様々な形の石のかけらや淡水パールなどをデザイナーが集め、さらに再構築して製品に仕上げています。すべて手作業での製品です。 金属部分はピアスはK18、K14gf等アレルギー対応となっております。 国内百貨店の販売実績は下記の通りです。 お取引についてのご相談は直接お問い合わせ下さい。 伊勢丹新宿店、伊勢丹立川店、恵比寿三越、代官山T-SITE、 エキュート品川、SHIBUYA PUBLISHING &BOOKSELLERS、 CINRA store 他 AYA HAMANAKA WEB・グラフィックデザインに従事した後、自転車で世界各地をまわる旅に出る。 2013年の出産を経験に、金属アレルギーを持つ人でも使える品質の高いデイリージュエリーブランドHoliday Jewelryを立ち上げる。 2018年、世界中の自然に触れる旅の経験からインスパイアされた一点もののジュエリーライン「hamaya」を発表。 ●Concept The accessory era is said to have worn naturally created nuts and seashells. It had meaning as a treasure, and also as an amulet to protect from disaster. We use irregular and unique natural stones, with delicate nuances intact. Even in the perfect form, not gorgeous, seemingly irregular grains, we built up with cherishing the shape of nature and created jewelry that are not the same as any other. The products with antique feeling are line-up with earrings, pierced earrings, brooches, belts, etc. These are jewelry conscious of contemporary diversity. ● Brand target Women in their 20s and 60s Our brand are popular among women of a wide range. ●PR 13,000 followers in Creema(japanese famous handmade EC site) . 20,000 pins or more in Pinterest. A designer collect various pieces of stone fragments and freshwater pearls, and rebuild it to make it a finished product. They are all handmade jewelry. There are some patterns of design, but it is also possible to customize the original design. The metal parts are pierced with K18. The sales results of domestic department stores are as follows. Events and workshops can also be held. Isetan Shinjuku store, Isetan Tachikawa store, Ebisu Mitsukoshi, Daikanyama T - SITE, Ecuteo Shinagawa, SHIBUYA PUBLISHING & BOOKSELLERS, CINRA store others AYA HAMANAKA After working as a designer at WEB / graphic design industry, go on a journey around the world by bicycle. By experiencing birth in 2015, launch a high quality daily jewelry brand Holiday Jewelry that can be used even by people with metal allergies. In 2018, announced a piece of jewelry line「hamaya」 inspired by experience of traveling nature throughout the world.